Skoda Felicia convertible: car photography in Bordeaux

A car photoshoot with a Skoda Felicia convertible at Cap Ferret, a peninsula in the vicinity of Bordeaux

The Skoda Felicia convertible was produced between 1957 and 1964 and has become something of a collector’s item. It’s pretty hard to find one on the market, but if you do the price ranges between 19000 and 39000 Euros. I had the chance to photograph this beautiful Skoda Felicia convertible while on the job as a professional car photographer in Bordeaux.


The pleasure of driving a Skoda Felicia on the Atlantic coast

When the sun dips into the Atlantic ocean at Cap Ferret, nothing feels more mediterranean than taking a Skoda Felicia convertible for a spin. Gliding along the sandy streets in the rhythm of a French apéro at the base of the Dune du Pilat, the world is at your feet.

aerial photographer bordeaux Dune du Pilat

“Only 14.863 cars of the type Škoda Felicia were produced

Because not many Skoda Felicias were produced, it is astonishing to find a functional Skoda Felicia on French streets.

Whether they’re vintage or new, I offer professional car photography in Bordeaux and in Paris.






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