Fashion Week: from Paris to Japan

Paris Fashion Week and Japanese fashion

There’s a big difference between the fashion presented at the Paris Fashion Week and Japanese street fashion. Prêt-à-porter, French for ready to wear, means it’s fashion made to be worn. Unlike Haute Couture, which is made to be presented on the runway only, it’s fashion made for fashionable people all over the world. Don’t confuse it with mass produced fashion though!

“Paris Fashion Week 2016 meets Japanese style!

fashionweek-photographer paris and berlin fashionweek-photographer paris japon fashionweek paris photographer

As a professional photographer at the Paris Fashion Week I am fascinated by the new designer collections that are presented there every year. At the Paris Fashion Week, you can find designers such as

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Proenza Schouler
  • Calvin Klein
  • Marc Jacobs

I’m even more interested in international guests from Japan. Visitors from Japan brought their very own style to the Paris Fashion Week in 2015 and made a big impression with their crazy outfits. It almost felt like a Manga Fashion Week!

crazy-fashionweek-paris photographer in japon

Paris Fashion Week 2016 – “Prêt à Porter”

The next Paris Fashion Week “Prêt à Porter” takes place from the 27th of September to the 5th of October 2016. I will of course return to Paris for the Paris Fashion Week, even if it means leaving my beloved Bordeaux!

fashionweek-book photographer in paris paris fashionweek photographers fashionweek-japon style photographer

I offer photoshoots in a documentary style for young designers at the Paris Fashion Week and at the Berlin Fashion Week. You can also book me as a fashion photographer at the Paris Fashion Week.

We could also just have some ice cream together in the beautiful city of Paris!
fashionweek-photographer berlin japon paris

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