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Professional photo editing by PimpYou

Professional photographers love to take pictures; that’s their job. But when it comes to photo editing and post-production, a lot of them lament their jobs. They don’t want to sit in front of their computers all day, staring at their screens. Yeah, photos are fun, as long as you’re really taking them. Whether you’re in your studio our out of doors, photographing a professional model or a couple that wants to celebrate their love, a dog running in a field or a gorgeous landscape … Photography is amazing. But nowadays they all need to be edited. Maybe you just need to correct the colours slightly; maybe you need to do some retouching or clipping path service
You may be a great photographer, but agencies and other clients have become intolerant of small mistakes in photographs. To be a successful photographer, you need to know how to edit pictures. You can also solve this problem by hiring a professional photo editing service. This is especially true for tedious work such as clipping product images; I really do hate clipping hundreds of product photos.

One of the best image editing services on the market is PimpYou. PimpYou was founded in 2008 by French web agency Metroplitanphotographer. The image editing team of PimpYou offers a high quality photo editing service, and they’re very patient with their clients.

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They offer their photo editing services to professional photographers as well as to amateur photographers as well as private customers, which is why their prices aren’t that high. They work fast, and I’d even compare them to photo editing agencies¬†who offer their services to professional photographer only. Their customer service speaks English, German and French, and they take great care of their professional customers. For more complicated photo editing needs, they’ll discuss their work with their customers beforehand. They swiftly write up their offers, which are very clear about what they will and won’t do for their prices.Say goodbye to predetermined PSDs, they take care of each image seperately. If you’re a photographer, send them your colour profile so that they can adapt your images to exactly what you’re looking for. Calibrated monitors are a standard in their offices, so don’t worry about colours being off because someone forgot to calibrate their monitor!

You can upload your images via FTP or directly on PimpYou’s website. Every photographer has his own personal login deatails, and their servers are housed in Germany. You can trust that your images will be uploaded quickly and safely. After they’ve been edited, they will be reuploaded to the servers. If you’re a professional photographer and not happy with the result, they’ll do another edit for free! The only thing that would be better than that would be to be able to stand right next to them as they edit your photos …

In conclusion:
For me, PimpYou is one of the best photo editing services in the world. They’re fast, reliable, and professional. Because I work as a professional photographer, I don’t have the time nor the mones to have my customers be less than satisfied with the final product of my work. Until now, PimpYou has always delivered aperfect, timely service!

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