Photoshoots in Paris only bookable with a deposit

Sadly I’ve had many short-term cancellations in the last weeks. Thus I’ve had to make the decision to ask for a down payment for my professional photoshoots in Paris.

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If you have to cancel or delay your trip because you’re ill or because of personal reasons, I understand. But I only book one photoshoot per day to offer the best service to my customers, that means that often I have to reject bookings because I’ve already booked a photoshoot for that day. For¬†weekends, I often have two or three requests for a photoshoot. That means that when someone cancels their photoshoot, I do not only lose money but also prospective clients who would have loved to do a photoshoot on that day.

Deposit for your photoshoot in Paris

This is why I’m going to ask for a 20 % deposit from now on. If you cancel your photoshoot 72 hours before the photoshoot, I’ll refund the deposit. If you cancel your photoshoot within 72 hours before the photoshoot, I’ll try to find someone to take your place. If I do, I’ll also refund your deposit.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to book a professional photoshoot in Paris!






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