Celebrity photography in Paris: portrait photos of actors, actresses and musicians

It all started in 2011 with a French music blog. They sent me to photograph a Jamiroquai concert, and now I’m photographing at concerts almost three times a week. I go to all kinds of gigs, and I’m even becoming something of a celebrity photographer. This year I had private photoshoots with Katie Melua, Steve Lukather, Craig-Mabbitt, Sarah Blasko and many more!

Katie Melua:



Why do magazines and music websites book me for photoshoots with stars? I just thought myself lucky after the first time and maybe even after the second time, but after the third time I started wondering … why did they hire me?

Simone Simons – Epica

epica - simone simons

And come to think of it, I think I know the answer. I speak English, French and German – fluently. I have no anxieties about working with celebrities, be they famous people or fresh talents on their way to becoming famous. Even if there’s only time for a 5-minute photoshoot, I’ll always make the best of my time with my model and I’ll deliver a unique photo.

Steve Lukather:


I think this may be why I get booked as a celebrity photographer a lot, and it’s why companies such as Universal, Warner, Sony, Pias France and Mercury Music Group call me to ask for a moment of my time.

But I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves!

Jonathan Higgs:


Sarah Blasko:


Mariam Wallentin:

I do photoshoots outdoors and with natural lighting, but I can also bring my own equipment for a photoshoot inside! This format is well suited to interview photoshoots in hotels, rooms with odd lighting coming from different directions and even outdoors if the lighting isn’t all that great. It takes me between 5 and 10 minutes to set up my lighting equipment, so we’ll usually be able to do a photoshoot in 15 to 20 minutes.

Craig Mabbitt:


Tété Niang:


Mikko Siren:


Jon Ryan Schaffer:


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