Clipping photos: somebody’s gotta do it

I love product photography, and I love photographing products in my studio. But even in the studio there are limits. Some customers decide after the fact that they’d actually prefer a different background, or they know from the start that they want to be able to change backgrounds as they see fit.

The solution is clipping photos

It might sound easy, and it might not even be that complicated, but most people don’t really want to spend their days sitting in front of their computer clipping thousands of product photos. It’s much easier and it saves a lot of time to hire someone to clip your photos for you. After my last product photoshoot I decided to hire a professional photo clipping service to clip my product photos for me.

clipping service

photo clipping

How to choose the right photo clipping service

Nowadays there are a lot of online photo clipping services who offer a similar service. I did try quite a few of them out, but not many of them really are up to standard. The price differences are often minuscule, but even a few cents per image can make a huge difference in the end.

An example for calculating price differences of photo clipping services
I’m looking for a photo clipping service for 1000 images. Photo clipping service A offers a rate of 1.19 € per image for a 24 h service.


Photo clipping service B offers a rate of 0.99 € for a 48 h service. Thus, having my images clipped by service A would cost me 1.190 €. Having my images clipped by service B would cost me 999 €, but take 24 hours longer. I’d save 191 Euros.

This example shows that it’s important to compare prices and offers. It’s also important to ask for examples of their work! The best way to examine the quality of their work is to have them to a sample clipping. Photo clipping services are a great time saver, and they’ll also save you a lot of hassle, provided you choose the right service.

Different photo clipping services

I can recommend the photo clipping service of, a photo editing website that also offers a high quality photo clipping service.

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